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What is the difference between car servicing and car repairs?

Most people who take their vehicle to a mechanic workshop may hear the terms ‘service’ and ‘repairs’.

Servicing is the regular and preventative actions taken to help keep a car running properly. These services can include things such as inspections, oil changes, part replacements and more. All of these services will help keep your car running smoothly and prevent the need for automotive repair.

Repairs are services that are needed when a vehicle has a failure of some kind. It could be that a part has malfunctioned or it has become worn to the point where the part needs to be replaced. In these cases, it is necessary to repair or replace damaged parts in order to make a vehicle road-worthy once again.

Thus, ensuring your vehicle is regularly serviced and repaired (where necessary) will keep your car running smoother for longer.

At KCAR we have two types of car service packages:

1) Essential service; and

2) Extensive service

We are trained to service and repair all major makes and model vehicles, including imported vehicles, 4WDs, diesel vehicles, V8s, high performance vehicles, commercial vehicles and trucks.

We also stock the best brands for your vehicle, such as:

Product brands - 1

Product brands - 2

Product brands - 3

Product brands - 4

Product brands - 5Product brands - 6

Product brands - 7

Product brands - 8

Product brands - 9